Acidity : No More!


We all know what Acidity is, right? Its when there is too much acid floating around in your stomach**. And all this extra acid has nothing better to do lying around in your tummy… so guess what it does?

You’re right. It causes ulcers, indigestion, heartburn etc etc. Fun? Didn’t think so.

So what do you do?

But WAIT! Before that… WHY is there all that extra acid floating around in your stomach anyway?

I’ll tell you why. Think about all the times that you feel that familiar burning sensation in your stomach? My guess is, more often than not, its because you’ve been sitting around on an empty stomach all day! Isn’t it? Yes, it is. Dont lie.

Here’s a very common diet routine : You wake up at 7am but your breakfast is not until 10 or 11am. Your lunch happens around 3pm… and dinner? I dont know… 10pm? Maybe 11pm? And what do you eat between meals? “Oh no, wait. We dont eat between meals (because that will make us fat!). So we just drink tea. Or coffee. Plenty of it through the day (because it suppresses our appetite too! Double yay!)” And then maybe you pop pills for acidity? WOW. Excellent diet routine. Pat on your back. (Did you know that tea/coffee INCREASE your level of acidity?)

THAT is why you have acidity ever so often**. Because YOU DONT EAT!

Your stomach doesn’t know that you like being mean to it… so the poor guy just does his job of secreting acidic enzymes (meant to digest food) throughout the day. And if you dont eat… all those acidic enzymes just float around in your belly and give you a massive burning sensation.

Conversely, if you’re somebody who’s eating on time but stuffing yourself with a lot of restaurant food or fried food or alcohol or cigarettes, then you might have acid-related problems as well.

So NOW ask me what do you do?

The only best thing you can(and should) do is to EAT. Home-cooked healthy food. On time. Everyday. Simple Dimple.

Wake up in the morning and put something healthy in your mouth within 10 to 15 mins of waking up. If not breakfast (agreed, it takes time to cook), atleast have a fruit or some nuts. Have your breakfast within the hour and after that, eat something EVERY 2 hours! No, not tea or coffee. Eat something substantial. Something healthy. (If you’re confused, shoot me an email or comment below).

Try it for a few days and see for yourself because when you stop being mean to your stomach, it will stop being mean to you too! :)

** Disclaimer : Whatever I have written above is only meant to help with common acid-related issues. If you’re someone with a more complicated stomach (eat well, on time and still have heartburns?) then you might want to talk to your Physician before talking to a Nutritionist/Dietitian.

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‘But I only eat Low-Fat’



Heard this dialogue before? I know I have. Countless times!

“I only have low-fat yogurt and skimmed milk everyday. Even if I indulge, it’s just diet sodas, 100 calorie snacks and baked chips as snacks now and then. So why am I not losing any weight?”

Well….THAT’S why.

Reality check : maybe you don’t get any direct fat from these foods..but what nutrients do you think you’re getting out of them?
Nada. Nothing.

Most of us fall victim to those brilliantly marketed “Low-Fat” and “0 Trans Fat” tag lines. And it’s not our fault. Years ago… I did too!
It sounds like a simple logic, right? The lesser fat we eat, the lesser fat we’ll be! Oh… how we wish!

But that’s not how it works. You NEED fat. These ugly low-fat versions of foods will simply pile on more fat in your body… How? Because not only are they low in fat, they are also low in nutrients. And if your body can’t use nutrients from a food….BAM! It will convert that food into fat.
Not to mention, you’re confusing your body. It thinks it’s getting nutrients but all it gets are empty calories. So it starts demanding more calorie dense food. And what do YOU do? You end up giving into your cravings. Simple.

That’s why, if you look around you, most of the people who are already plump will be the ones who are found munching on “low-fat” foods.

So save yourself the big fat trouble. Eat the regular versions of everything. In moderation ofcourse. But still, eat the regular versions. Because that’s how they were originally meant to be eaten, anyway!

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“Can you give me a Diet Plan…?”



…Is the first thing most people ask me the minute I tell them I’m a dietitian. Like a reflex action, I spit out an assuring “Sure” and flash that well practiced polite smile.

Well, a diet plan is not generic. Its not something I can just “shoot in an email”. And its definitely not the some lame chart that I keep saved in my folder in case somebody asks me to “email them a diet plan”. Its different for different people. What may work for you may not work for somebody else. So I have to sit down with you, understand your eating habits and lifestyle, know what works for you and what doesn’t and THEN can I create a plan for you. And this process can take a while.

“But please ya, I’ve been trying to lose weight for so long now. Just tell me na, what to eat?”

Or sometimes, when I’m at a family function, one of the uncles or aunts will come up to me and try to introduce me to their friends saying “Meet Kajal, she’s a dietitian!”
“Haan she works at Apollo!!”
“Arey so nice to meet you beta. So tell us what should we all eat?”

A blank face and a few blinks later I manage out an “Umm. Eat everything?!”

What kind of a question is “Tell me what to eat?”

I never understand what or how to respond to such queries. And then I get attacked with a bucket full of questions… “Can I eat this? Can I eat that? Will I get fat if I eat this once in a while? But I’ve heard thats not good for health na?…”

I dont blame these people. There are some 1000 articles and websites on nutrition and almost all of them contradict each other…leaving the common man confused as hell.

So seriously guys…. EAT EVERYTHING. In moderation. Its as simple as that. Dont confuse yourself. Dont let half the world tell you what you should put in your own stomachs. Worse yet, dont ask somebody “exactly how much” should you eat. When it comes to health… every food has its own way to nourish you. You just need to be smart enough to know which ones to pick, in the right quantity and at the right time :D

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Have A Merry Christmas, Indeed!

Merry Christmas, guys!!

Its the season of lights, festivities, snow, gifts, parties, plum cakes and so much more! Best few days of the year, isn’t it?

So if you’re planning a party, that’s a great idea! But if you’re looking for the healthiest recipes to bake for the party, then I’m sorry but wrong number..

I personally think its an excellent idea if you’re thinking healthy even during the Holiday Season. Infact, there are a whole bunch of websites that are dishing out several tips to stay healthy this season. But guess what? All these tips are pretty much what you have already heard/read before.

So here’s something a Health Blog will NOT tell you : just go out there, eat everything and have a great time!!

Dont ask questions. Its just a matter of a few days. A little bit of indulgence in your favorite foods is not going to harm you. Infact, your body will thank you for eating the food you love (but never eat because its supposedly unhealthy).

Life is too short. And once in a while, our bodies are perfectly capable of handling food that does not quite feature in healthy diet plans. So eat what you love and do what you do best, these few days! Because being HAPPY is the best way to be HEALTHY! :D

TIP : No food is bad food unless its eaten in excess, so moderation is the only key to eating healthy this season! :)

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Fat : Your Ultimate Enemy?


Eating fat makes you fat! Right?

You’ve heard this sentence countless times. And you’re quite annoyed by now, because you hear all these ramblings about something called “Healthy Fats”. Tsch, sounds oxymoronic. And if you’re not annoyed, you’re probably confused.

Well. DONT BE.

I dont aim to blather about this subject and harp on the heavy scientific terms. So I’ll make this simple.

Fats can be good and fats can be bad. It all really depends on you. When you pick the right ones, in the right quantity, fats can even help you lose weight!! Wow. Never thought that could be possible, did you?

So dont let anybody ever make you believe that the best way to lose weight/trim down is by eliminating fats completely from your diet routine. That would be a blunder beyond repair. Because your body NEEDS fat. Why? Most importantly, to absorb fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E and K), without which most of the biological functions of the body will be impaired. Also, they provide essential fatty acids, are a good energy fuel for the body and also help to keep our skin soft!

So what are these Good and Bad Fats that I’m talking about?

The Good Guys : The Heroes! These are the ones you want to focus more on. They have so much goodness in them! They help reduce risk of heart disease, lower the bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body, provide Omega 3 and Omega 6 (essential fatty acids) and so much more. You might want to try to get these fats from direct food sources as much as possible (compared to supplements). Here’s a table of common foods that I would classify as the Good Fats.

                                        GOOD FATS
Monounsaturated fat Polyunsaturated fat
  • Olive oil
  • Canola oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Avocados
  • Olives
  • Nuts (almonds, peanuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, cashews)
  • Peanut butter
  • Soybean oil
  • Corn oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Walnuts
  • Sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin seeds
  • Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, trout, sardines)
  • Soymilk
  • Tofu

The Bad Guys : These are the Villains, that you need to be wary of. These guys raise your bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body, exponentially increase risk of heart disease, clog up arteries and also increase risk of cancer! You might want to eat these sparingly. Infact, if you’re daring enough to completely erase most of these from your daily diet, you have my thumbs up! Here’s a table of all those foods that I would classify as the Bad Fats.

                                         BAD FATS
Saturated fat Trans fat
  • High-fat cuts of meat (beef, lamb, pork)
  • Chicken with the skin
  • Whole-fat dairy products (milk and cream)
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Ice cream
  • Palm and coconut oil
  • Lard
  • Commercially-baked pastries, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cakes, pizza dough
  • Packaged snack foods (crackers, microwave popcorn, chips)
  • Stick margarine
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Fried foods (French fries, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, breaded fish)
  • Candy bars

So be smart. Pick the right fats for you! Read nutrition labels and dont forget the biggest Rule of Thumb even when you pick the Good Guys over the Bad : maintain portion sizes! Dont go crazy overboard with any of these foods just because its good for you. Too much of something good CAN be bad!

(If you like what you’ve read, please help me spread the word) :D

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